About Us

If you love nature, the birds and wildlife, the peace and tranquility, if you want to have an RV camping experience but don't want to fuss with the inconvenience, added risk, and high costs of an awkward RV and tow vehicle or if you are an astronomy fan looking for a dark sky preserve to map the night sky, then The Battle River Crossing Resort has what you need!

The Battle River Crossing Resort is only an hour east from both Stettler and Camrose in east central Alberta. We are nestled in a quiet and secluded bend in the beautiful Battle River Valley. Surrounded by wildlife and river you can enjoy nature or learn about healthy organic farming nearby.

Living on the nearby family farm that was homesteaded by his grandfather nearly 100 years ago, owners Don and Eileen Blumhagen have chosen to share their wonderful river locaton and provide an experience you won't want to leave.
Leave all stress and hassle at home! One breath of the sweet aromatic river air is all it will take to convince and relax you. All you need to bring with you is bedding, food and sufficient clothing. We provide the rest along with a refreshing and rejuvenating experience that cannot be beaten or matched!
The Battle River Crossing Resort is a completely new option for Canadian summer enjoyment and as such many people have difficulty relating the benefits of the resort to conventional camping. One of the most frequently asked questions is "Why would I rent an RV and not buy my own?" Some of the benefits would be:
  • Renting an RV keeps your summer camping costs in camping season, not stretched out in payments all year for years, regardless of use.
  • Peripheral RV costs are eliminated, such as year-round storage, propane, sewer and water handling, separate tow vehicle, excess fuel costs for tow vehicle, added insurance costs, maintenance costs, and many more. Let BRCR worry about these.
  • With limited capacity at campgrounds it is crucial to book your entire camping season far before the camping season. If you miss booking your RV costs will not go on hold until you find a place to use it.
  • You don't have to worry about parking, firewood, propane, dumping, water, site boundaries against your neighbour, hooking up and pulling your RV, or noise from traffic, neighbours, railroads.
  • You can enjoy everything a full length fifth-wheel has to offer simply by showing up in an easy to drive and easy to fuel compact car.
  • And many more benefits that you need to come stay and see for yourself.
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